Aluminium rain gutters

Seamless aluminium rain gutters are the ideal solution for carefree water discharge. This form of roof finishing is very durable and can give your home a sleek and modern or a rustic look. Aluminium rain gutters are an excellent choice for private homes, industrial buildings and agricultural sheds. They are available in any width, as well as stainless and colourfast. Our professionals always deliver bespoke solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

100% leakproof

With our own gutter machine, we can manufacture the entire length of the rain gutter at one go. The major advantage of such seamless aluminium rain gutters is that they are 100% leakproof. This ensures that rainwater is discharged smoothly. We guarantee high-precision finishing and only use materials of the highest quality.

Durable and hard-wearing

Aluminium is also very durable and corrosion-resistant, light-weight yet hard-wearing, and barely requires any maintenance. This makes it a solid long-term solution. In addition, it is completely odourless and tasteless, so any rainwater collected can be reused directly.

Aluminium rain gutters do not alter the smell or taste of the rainwater collected, so you can reuse it directly.

Our professionals roll the aluminium sheets into the desired shape on site, and the gutters are closed off with special endcaps. Then galvanized and plastic-coated gutter brackets are fitted. The gutters can be installed by means of interior or exterior brackets, depending on the client’s preference. At Gallenco, we use stainless steel screws for assembly.

Stainless and with various colour options

Finally, aluminium is available in various colour options, allowing you to opt for a monochrome look or a wide range of colours. Thanks to its stainless and colourfast character, the entire rain gutter will continue to look new for a long time.

Aluminium rain gutters therefore offer a great deal of advantages. We recommend this material to those who are looking for stainless and durable gutter which does not transfer any taste or smell, and is available in various colours. So there are plenty of options when choosing the right aluminium rain gutter that matches the look of your building.