Specialist in insulation and aluminium rain gutters

At Gallenco, we have specialised in the art of industrial and agricultural insulation since 1990. We have also acquired a great deal of expertise in the delivery and installation of custom-made aluminium rain gutters. We are not only active in Belgium, but also in Germany, the Netherlands and France.

New home base in Nieuwpoort

In 2010, we relocated our home base to a 3000 m2 warehouse in Nieuwpoort. That’s where our enthusiastic professionals gather every morning before hitting the road. At the end of the day, everyone once again gathers at the warehouse for a round-up of the workday. At Gallenco, we attach great importance to team spirit.

An eye for detail

In addition, our trained technicians have an eye for detail, and we always guarantee the highest quality standard for every job and every project. Optimum insulation is crucially important in spaces where a constant temperature is required, and asbestos removal must comply with the applicable safety regulations. This requires not just the necessary know-how and expertise, but also a pursuit of perfection down to the smallest detail.

Gallenco keeps on innovating

We were looking for a solution to eliminate every possibility for condens when placing proper insulation. The market did not provide the right solution, so we went and produced a tool ourselves. The result: our own Gallenco anti-condensation caps, perfect to finish off all your insulation work. They are user-friendly and eliminate the possibility of having an air bridge in your construction.

Own training space

We guarantee the right training for every new employee with our own well-equipped training space. Here everyone can learn the right skills at their own pace and has the opportunity to gradually grow into a complete professional at Gallenco.