Asbestos removal

Over the years, the professionals of Gallenco have specialised in the removal of materials containing bonded asbestos. This is often a crucial part of the renovation of a pitched roof, but we also provide this service for specific projects involving the correct removal and disposal of asbestos.

Preparation of an asbestos inventory and feasibility study

An important aspect of asbestos removal is the safety of the worksite and its surroundings before the start of the work. In some cases and especially in case of larger projects, we first draw up an inventory and conduct a feasibility study. These actions are often legally required. They give us an excellent overview of all locations where asbestos needs to be removed.

Continued internal operation guaranteed

Even if the internal processes or production must continue inside the building, premises or warehouse, we can still carry out the necessary work. In this case, the roof cannot be dismantled and renovated at one go. We then take extra precautions and perform the work step by step, so as to ensure maximum safety and guarantee continued operation.

Safe disposal of solid asbestos

At Gallenco, we focus on the removal of products containing tightly bound asbestos or solid asbestos. This means that the asbestos fibres are bonded in the material. Examples of binding substances or matrices are cement, plastic, glue and bitumen, and the most frequent applications are roof shingles and flat or corrugated roof sheets. Our professionals will make sure these products are disposed of safely.

“Solid asbestos is always bound in a matrix such as cement, plastic or glue.”

Klaas Galle  | Owner Gallenco

Whenever we remove asbestos, the material is deposited in special containers and subsequently transported to suitable processing facilities. Our professionals always comply with the prescribed safety regulations so that each project can be completed successfully.