Industrial & agricultural insulation

Roof insulation is an essential aspect of your business property, shed or warehouse. This allows you to retain a constant indoor climate ensuring the optimum function of internal processes and/or guarantee good living conditions for your livestock.

Potato shed

A perfectly insulated shed is essential to optimally store your potato crop. After all, potatoes are living organisms consisting mainly of water. Excellent insulation reduces the chance of rotting to zero.

The professionals of Gallenco make sure that your potatoes are protected against temperature fluctuations and condensation. Developed in-house, our anti-condensation caps play an important role in this protection. Without these caps, moisture can still spread and ruin the crop.

“Proper insulation enables you to reduce your energy costs.”

Klaas Galle  | Owner Gallenco

Proper insulation keeps out the cold in winter and the heat in summer and spring. This enables you to reduce your energy costs, since heating is less required in cold periods to keep the temperature constant. The insulation is applied without interruption to avoid thermal bridges.


A suitable temperature during the different stages of the life cycle of pigs is very important. It is therefore necessary to control the indoor climate and have the ability to keep the temperature constant. This is only possible by means of effective insulation.

A proper indoor climate contributes to the animals’ welfare, and helps pig farmers protect the animals’ health. Improper climate control can cause all sorts of health issues. In conjunction with climate control within sheds, good insulation will limit the heat loss in cold weather and keep out the heat during the summer months. In addition, you avoid condensation on the roof, ceiling, walls and floors.

At Gallenco, we draw up a good plan beforehand to implement every project accurately and correctly. During the planning, you can indicate your preferences and we will provide advice tailored to your needs. Of course, you may also ask for a quotation at any time.

Poultry house

Poultry is highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. It is therefore crucially important to provide optimum and constant living conditions, especially during the first few weeks of life. Proper insulation will protect poultry against heat or frost and also reduce your heating costs.

Poultry thrives best in an environment with a constant climate.

For instance, chicks require more food at low temperatures, without gaining weight accordingly. This results in an unfavourable feed conversion. Too much draught in the poultry house will also lead to a higher mortality rate, especially in the first few weeks after hatching.

When carrying out insulation work, we also take care of the finishing by installing special anti-condensation caps which we developed in-house. This prevents moisture from dripping onto the chicks and hens, thus reducing illness. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

In addition to the required insulation to optimise the living conditions of poultry, you should also maintain a constant climate in the egg room. To ensure the preservation of eggs for human consumption, the eggs’ temperature must be lowered as quickly as possible. However, the temperature in the room may not be too low either, otherwise the eggs will sweat in summer.

A properly insulated poultry house and egg room are therefore crucial to guarantee a high quality standard. We will consider the possibilities together and look for the best insulation solution. Our professionals will gladly provide you with honest advice. Feel free to ask for a quotation!