Agricultural comfort: insulation project for horse stable


The importance of insulation

Industrial insulation is crucial. A well-insulated barn offers several benefits, including maintaining a comfortable temperature. By insulating this agricultural shed in Geel, we ensured that the activities can thrive optimally regardless of the weather conditions.

PIR: an excellent material

Polyisocyanurate (PIR) is a rigid plastic foam primarily used in the form of insulation boards. PIR insulation boards resemble the structure of PUR boards, yet they have some differences. These boards are specifically designed for industrial applications and offer excellent thermal performance.

The durable and lightweight construction of PIR insulation boards makes them ideal for insulating agricultural barns. Furthermore, they are fire-resistant, ensuring safety within the barn.

“PIR insulation is lightweight, durable, and offers excellent thermal properties. An ideal solution for this project.”

Klaas Galle

Broadly applicable product

PIR insulation boards can be used for both pitched roof and flat roof insulation. These boards are lightweight, easy to apply, cost-effective, and offer good insulation value. Most PIR boards come with a vapor-tight layer on both sides, eliminating the need for a separate vapor barrier.

Efficient installation for maximum results

Our team of professionals were ready with their expertise and experience to ensure efficient installation of the PIR insulation boards. The boards were installed seamlessly, with special attention to thermal bridges and moisture resistance. Finishing of the ridge was done by means of a white painted metal sheet.

Innovative Anti-condensation caps

At Gallenco, we always go the extra mile. To ensure completely condensation and moisture-free insulated spaces, we've developed our own anti-condensation caps. These user-friendly yet essential tools prevent any possibility of thermal bridging.