New aluminium rain gutters for a listed building

Bulskampveld (Hertsberge)

For this project at the unique location of Bulskampveld in Hertsberge, we installed new aluminium rain gutters for the roof finishing of a listed building.

Stainless and colourfast aluminium rain gutters

Opting for aluminium rain gutters is opting for reliability. These rain gutters are available in any width, corrosion-proof and colourfast. We opted for a warm brown colour that matches the autumnal hues of the brick façade.

In-house gutter machine

Our in-house gutter machine enables us to ensure that the entire length of the gutters can be produced on site at one go. Then we seamlessly installed the gutters with hot galvanized and plastic-coated gutter brackets, plus stainless steel screws as finishing. This eliminates any risk of leakage.

The rain gutters were finished with hot galvanized, plastic-coated gutter brackets and stainless steel screws.

Reinforced bottom of the downpipes

Finally, we installed the downpipes with a black, cast-iron reinforcement at the lower end. This provides the necessary sturdiness and protection to the most vulnerable part of the downpipe.