Tailor-made insulation with anti-condensation caps


For this stonemasonry from Harelbeke, we installed styrofoam insulation panels to protect the goods and products in the warehouse. For each project, we take care of the finishing of the insulation by placing anti-condensation caps. A must for a 100% successful insulation!

XPS insulation: light-weight and damp-proof

Extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation panels have a closed cell structure and are available in a range of compressive strengths. This makes them a useful material for various applications.

In this warehouse, we opted for insulation panels with a thickness of 10 centimetres. XPS is damp-proof, light-weight and easily cuttable. In addition, this material can be completely recycled afterwards.

XPS insulation offers numerous advantages. For instance, it is resistant to mould and very user-friendly.

Innovative anti-condensation caps

At Gallenco, we always think one step ahead. We have developed our own anti-condensation caps to ensure that the insulated spaces are completely free from condensation and moisture. This user-friendly and indispensable material ensures that the risk of thermal bridges is completely eliminated.