PUR insulation and rain gutters for cowshed

Dranouter (Heuvelland)

The Gallenco team has experience with a wide range of projects. For instance, we have installed suitable insulation and rain gutters for a cowshed in Dranouter in the municipality of Heuvelland. A bespoke solution is a prerequisite for providing cattle with the optimum indoor climate.

Sturdy and durable PUR insulation

Straw-coloured polyurethane (PUR) insulation was selected on account of its sturdiness and durability, and also because it is available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and thicknesses.

Polyurethane is sturdy and durable, making it the ideal insulation material for the roof of your shed, home or building.

Climate control

Suitable insulation panels allow you to create the optimum indoor climate for livestock. This applies to cattle and pigs as well as poultry and llamas. Heat loss will be limited in cold weather and the heat will be kept out during the summer months.

Seamless aluminium rain gutters in a warm anthracite colour

Our professionals make sure that the aluminium rain gutters are installed seamlessly. The absence of welds results in a modern and sleek look and no risk of leakage. Aluminium rain gutters are durable and corrosion-resistant, while the anthracite colour gives them a slightly warmer look than pure black.

Detailed finishing for a successful project

Of course, any project can only be a success if it is finished down to the smallest details. For that reason, we also install grey plates between the frame and the wooden beams. These are cut to size so that unwanted birds’ nests are avoided in the shed.