Total renovation of pitched roofs

There's a lot involved in a total renovation of a pitched roof. The process of such a renovation is divided into several stages: first, the necessary preparations are made before the start of the dismantlement and further renovation.

A safe worksite is crucial

A crucial aspect of any renovation job is the creation of a safe worksite. The damaged or old roofing materials can then be safely removed. Rain gutters are also disassembled and disposed of with due care. Finally, we remove components such as old ridges, nails and screws.

Damaged rain gutters: repair or replace?

Before the start of the actual renovation work, a decision needs to be made about what to do with the existent gutters. In case of minor wear or damage, they don’t need to be replaced completely. Instead, our experts will repair the aluminium gutters to prolong their service life.

Our professionals will completely repair any rain gutters with minor signs of wear or damage.

In case the rain gutters are renovated, we can manufacture the aluminium gutters at one go with our own gutter machine. The aluminium sheets are rolled into the desired shape on site. The rain gutters are stainless and available in various widths and colours, with our specialists always delivering bespoke solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

Box gutters are popular in Belgium and the Netherlands

Box gutters are the most popular type of rain gutter in Belgium and the Netherlands, especially for traditional homes. They are rectangular in shape and installed with gutter bearers and fascia brackets. Since rain gutters are available in any size, they are always made to measure. 

Disposal of roof shingles or roof sheets containing asbestos

We are also qualified to remove solid asbestos within the scope of total renovations. We take care of the removal of products containing asbestos such as roof shingles and flat or corrugated roof sheets. We make sure the asbestos fibres are correctly processed and safely transported.

“Our professionals make sure the asbestos is processed and transported safely.”

Klaas Galle  | Owner Gallenco

Then we begin to install the new roofing, with a range of options being available. The choice for roof shingles, corrugated roof sheets or another roofing type also depends on the bearing capacity of the foundations and walls. Roof shingles are lightweight, storm-proof and suitable for any roof type. Corrugated roof sheets are easily installable, available in various colours and 100% waterproof.

High-quality insulation made to measure

The next step is the installation of suitable roof insulation, such as sandwich panels. These panels have a high-performance cell structure and provide good value for money. We collaborate with reliable suppliers such as Kingspan, Rex Panels, ArcelorMittal and Joris Ide.

This way, our professionals make sure the indoor temperature in your home, business property or shed remains constant. An additional roofing underlay for protection is possible, but often not required since the insulation and roofing provide sufficient protection against the elements.

The high-performance structure of sandwich panels results in excellent insulation of your shed or building.

Finished with a bargeboard or ridge cap

To finish your roof, we can also install bargeboards and ridge caps. They protect the construction against rainwater and ensure sufficient airtightness. The ridge underlay ensures optimum sealing between outdoor and indoor air.